The symptoms direct you to the source of the stress.

Sanna recognizes each of her clients’ uniqueness. She has developed a masterful system using integrated energy psychology approaches, to include: 

Sanna adapts and applies a combination of modalities with which to provide a comprehensive, individualized approach. Her easy going style is engaging and proactive - not passive.

Beyond talk therapy and through astute observational skills, intuition, and training, Sanna expands the conflict for a view through a wider lens and then funnels down to find her way in to discover the solution. She observes for the following:

  • Word choices
  • Hidden language
  • Mental movies
  • Beliefs and thoughts
  • Current life and ancestral patterns
  • Body sensations and pain
  • Memories
  • Mental and physical habits 
  • Imagery 

One's unresolved conflict from younger years, or of the family lineage presents issues, symptoms, and other life struggles - even when the event, such as grief, occurred many years before. Your inability to realize the impact of inherited trauma symptoms can render you impervious to mainstream, traditional approaches of psychotherapy because of maladaptive strategies for coping and how information is stored in the mind/body system.

Sanna proposes that the problem is a call to resolve the conflict. Within the struggle is value, albeit painful.
Sanna is very adaptable in her work. Individuals may experience the Life Quest Breakthrough process with eyes open, moving with footprints, dialoguing, in silence or tapping on pressure points. Sanna’s approach does not routinely apply the “lie back and close your eyes” method, nor does Sanna use prerecorded electronic programming. Sanna works eye-to-eye with her clients.

Life-Changing Energy Therapies is the right choice and path for you, in seeking a resolution for any life struggle. Sanna is a Leader in Deep-Mind Transformation., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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