Does Cake Talk to You?

Do you worry when cake is going to 'be at the party'?

Ready to Stop the Trance of Oblivion?

   Here's how Jerry Stopped his Cake Binges-- "I ate cake every day.  Cake was   on my radar. I gained weight and my blood sugar was nuts. After seeing Sanna, I stopped the binge cycle completely. It was interesting how she used EFT and the hypnotherapy. Just being conscious, I feel normal again 'cause I can actually enjoy a piece of cake when I want it. THANK YOU!"

             Be in Charge--

  Un-Junk Yourself!
Make Peace with your Inner Snacker

If you've tried to stop an snack attack habit, you are fighting yourself.
Are you ready to do something different?

If your answer is YES, come to UnJunk Yourself!

Let's face it, we have snack food issues, and some of it is not within our control. It is a complex topic that has many influences all the way to your childhood to how the food industry currently manufactures food. Either way, you can shift, change or adjust your habits. After many years of personal struggle wth food-related issues, I have created highly effective ways to transform your Trance of Oblivion, or mindlessness.

Come, discover these powerful ideas, practices and insights:

What if it's not your Fault?

You will understand the science behind
cravings & why the Trance of Oblivion 
is so powerful against any will power
you can muster up.

Discover the Power of Stress Eating!

Stress and Emotional eating are mis-
understood.THEY ARE YOUR FRIEND. I will
tell you how to make peace with yourself and
why it is critical to your success.

You won't believe what you did not know about snacking and what I have in my office!

Description of Eat Cake Joyfully course:

The focus is solely on desserts, snacking and junk food.

  • Explore the Trance of Oblivion and Cycles of Depair  that occur when the BIG 4- sugar, salt, fat and synthetics are within reach mentally or physically. (Yes, imagining a donut can drive you to get one!)
  • Dive into habits and why stress / emotional eating must be approached in a way that will go against what we believe to be true, if you want to change them. 
  • Meet your Inner Snacker and what she has to tell you!
  • Experience the BIG 3 Mood Experiment that will shock you. How much do you really need? You'll find out!

You will be asked to bring in a food or drink (nonalcoholic) that you struggle with. Most attendees leave this class with their power switched on to decide when, how much and why they choose to consume the food they previously struggled with. The changes are sweeping and impact their health with weight loss, fewer blood sugar imbalances and mood swings.

There is more...

  • Learn The Tapping Solution!
  • Discover the Power of your Mind!
  • Blueprint to your Snack Sanity!


Eat Cake Joyfully!

Welcome to Eat Cake Jofully, or M-Powered over Junk Food!

We will be in contact with you shortly.

Sanna Carapellotti

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